crayola crayons!

A childhood is based off of fun times, and laughing, and just acting like a kid.  Mine was too, but I had one thing in my life that I never wanted to loose and that I am pretty sure that if someone where to take them I would start crying!   That thing is one little box of crayons, I grew up with the 8, the 24, and even the 64 boxes.  They where in my childhood, just as laughing and playing was.  I colored everyday from the time I realized what each color was tell the time where I was actually starting to color on my homework.  Thats little thing lead me to be the person I am today.  I love drawing and and coloring.  I color like very night, ( If possible.)  I draw picture on every piece of paper that is put into my hands!

It seems like everyone around, stepped through the front doors on the first day of high school, and lost every little bit of childhood that they had left.  I tried to hold, I wanted those years to continue on with me.  And I wanted the fun times to come.  I mean you can be serious but if everyone would be serious all the time, then life would just like a job that you have to live in for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52.177457 weeks a year.  And not just an average job, a type of job that no one ever likes.  Sounds like no fun,( at all.)

Your probably thinking how I got all of that from a box of crayons as a little kid, but if you really think about then maybe you will see the big picture to.

3 thoughts on “crayola crayons!

  1. You know, it’s funny to think back to what shaped us as who we are. For me, it was never that easy, or fun. But, I still turned out to be who I am whether or not that’s who I want to be. Little things, big things, they all add up, and that’s a lesson everyone can take to heart, so I figure, at least for me, I guess it’s not too late to start a different path.

  2. What an interesting take on the box of crayons. Too often I forget what good therapy “coloring” is. Too often I draw lines for others to fill in, but I neglect the importance of my coloring too. Keep on coloring!

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